Housing Typology

The Northam Regional Centre Growth Plan, in growing Northam to a regional centre of 20,000 within the Avon Sub-region of 50,000, recognised the need for;

  • Greater housing diversity that meets the needs of a broader demographic profile; and
  • Maintaining housing affordability through the encouragement of strong private sector presence.

It is acknowledged that housing typologies in the Avon subregion need to respond to microclimate and setting including raised floor levels for flooding and sloping sites and clustered buildings in hillside settings to evoke traditional rural settlement patterns.

The Northam Eco Lifestyle Village has engaged experienced architect and designer Richard Hammond to review our range of modular home designs that are uniquely suited to the sloping sites. The designs take advantage of the valley viewscapes and cooling breezes in the warmer months. They are also oriented for maximum solar warming in winter.

The modular homes will be manufactured offsite and are relocatable utilising reinforced concrete slabs with steel frames, double insulation and high-quality cladding materials. All homes feature open plan living with outdoor areas and decks to take advantage of the view corridors. Elevations have a natural colour palette in sympathy with the environment.

The sloping homesites will have minimal earthworks with the home modules taking advantage of the reinforced concrete slabs that can be suspended and supported on steel beams to sit above the ground. All homes will have a carport with generous enclosed storage areas and be sited to minimise steps for ease of access.

We at Northam Eco Lifestyle Village (NELV) considered a number of home builders and chose Modular WA to be our nominated builder.
The name Modular WA may be new, but the people behind it are brimming with experience.  Led by Wayne McGrath and backed by the financial strength of the Wyllie Group, you have the comfort of knowing they have the experience and resources to deliver homes or projects of any size.
Modular WA (MWA) has an unwavering commitment to quality, from superior materials to meticulous construction methods.  It all adds up to design and construction of industry leading, 6-star energy rated, low maintenance modular homes.
We (NELV and MWA) understand that a home is more than a house, it will be a place where you will live for many years, create beautiful memories and spend time with family and friends, so a quality built home that protects your investment and enhances your lifestyle is essential.