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Lifestyle Village in the Valley
Make a positive change!

Come and see the benefits for you:

  • Zero Exit Fees – Own your home outright, which means when you sell your home in the Village you keep all the capital – we get Zero Exit Fees.
    This is unlike typical Retirement Villages where you can pay a number of different fees when you come to leave, which can accumulate to around 1/3 of your capital i.e. if your Village Home “re – sold” for  say $300,000, you would only get $200,000 and the Operator / Owner keeps $100,000.
    With respect to Lifestyle Villages, some of them also charge fees up to 20%, when you re-sell your Village home i.e. based on the above example i.e. re-sale of $300,000 home, you would get $240,000 and the Operator / Owner would keep $60,000.
  • Large Homesites and more space.  Having a large 50ha site means we do not have to “cram” homes together, like a number of Retirement and Lifestyle Villages. Our homesites are on average 400m².
    Additionally the large site has enabled us to have a number of common areas which include green corridors between the homesites; a large orchard; several dams; walk trails; seasonal wild flowers and Avon Valley views – all good for ones’ wellbeing in having space and enjoying the serenity of the fresh air and open countryside.
    It has been said that our Village model is more “Free Range” than “Battery Hen”.
  • New Homes with Avon Valley views – Visitors and clients have often commented on how beautiful, large and well-appointed the display homes are.  The country living theme of having porches and verandahs has been well received – even the store rooms which are more like studios have received a big tick of approval.
    It should be noted that the homes can be modified to suit ones needs and budget.
    Our Murray Home has just received an HIA Award, check it out.
    Fast Internet is available with our Fibre connection to each home.
  • Lower Living Costs – as a society we are generally living longer which means we need to stretch our dollars even more, so living on less for many of us has become a necessary way of life.  We understand that which is why keeping your everyday living costs as low as possible is very important.  This then frees up some of our hard earned money for holidays and enjoying our retirement years.
  • Commonwealth Rent Assistance – if you are on a pension living in a Lifestyle Village you may be able to receive the Commonwealth Rental Assistance of $69 per week for a single and $65 per week for a couple, which you would not get if you lived in your own home.  This is because the Lifestyle Village Model is based on an emerging model for housing affordability where you own your home and have, in the case at Northam, an ongoing 60 year lease on the land that you rent.  This land lease model at Northam provides very secure tenure in perpetuity without you having to pay for the expense for the site creation and costs for servicing. By only putting your money into your home which you own outright, you can put the money you saved on land costs into a nest egg investment or spend on your lifestyle.
  • Lower Energy Costs – our Solar Battery Microgrid will enable you to use power at a reduced cost and no daily charge – saving your hundreds each and every year.
  • Country Age Pension Fuel Card – living in Northam enables a pensioner who has qualified to receive an annual “Fuel Card” to purchase up to $575 of fuel and taxi travel from participating providers
  • Organic Orchard and Garden will provide healthy seasonal fruit and veggies for Residents to enjoy free of charge. Village Hens – will not only be able to consume household food scraps, but also provide eggs for the Village. Yabbies in the dam!

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Thinking About Retirement? – Is a Lifestyle Village for You?

As people are living longer, one needs to stretch ones resources (cash) for longer and therefore possibly live on less.  One of the main assets one has is usually the land upon which their home sits.

The Lifestyle Village Model is where you buy (own) a home in the Village and enter into a long term (60 years) lease for your homesite (land).

This way you have the possibility of selling your current home, realising its underlining land value, buying a new home and saving / using the balance of funds to support the Lifestyle (that you are accustomed) for longer.

There is a Weekly Fee which not only covers the lease the homesite, but also the use the Village Facilities, their operations, upkeep and replacement plus the management of the Village.

The Weekly Fee is currently $165 for a single and $185 per a couple.  This fee goes up no more than CPI in July each year.

If you are in receipt of a pension, the Lifestyle Village Model enables you to apply for Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA), as you do not own the land upon which the home sits and the homes are relocatable.

Currently the weekly CRA is around $69 for a single and $65 for a couple.  The CRA is reviewed at the same time the Aged Pension is reviewed (twice a year).

As we are the owners of the Village, we pay all the rates and taxes and all you need to pay, other than the Weekly Fee, is for the power and water you consume (homes are sub-metered), internet and insurance (home and contents).

Hence living in the Village can be quite affordable at around $100 per week for a single and $120 per week for a couple.

And at our Village, it becomes even more affordable with

  • Lower Energy Costs;
  • Country Age Pension Fuel Card;
  • Organic fruit and vegetables,
  • Village free range eggs,
  • Yabbies in the dam!!!

It should also be noted that we have elected to operate under the Residential Parks (Long Stay Tenants) Act 2006 (WA) (“Act”) and accompanying Regulations thereby providing great security of tenure to our Residents.

northam hills country side views, retirement lifestyle villagecountryside retirement living northam hills on the back porch

Northam – What a great place for your Retirement

At Eco Lifestyle Villages we seek great Retirement locations within a comfortable hours drive of Perth.  Northam is a well-established regional town with over $250m recently invested in the town’s services and infrastructure.  Check out the Shire of Northam video on the right >>.

Our Eco Lifestyle Village Northam offers the best of both worlds for your Retirement.  It’s a country lifestyle on the City’s doorstep – so you can stay connected to your family and friends, yet live an enviable country retreat lifestyle on a much larger home site than is standard at other Retirement Villages or Lifestyle Villages.  All this with the freedom of open space to enjoy views across the Avon Valley, friendly country hospitality and the fresh air – Retirement Lifestyle has never been so good!

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Acknowledgement to Shire of Northam and Skyworks

Over $250 million has recently been invested into Northam

What’s in it for you?

Listening to what you say is important to us at Eco Lifestyle Villages and that’s why we put you first.

Being transparent and open about the issues that matter to you is why we give you 4 key Eco Advantages.

In our experience;

  1. We’ve listened to the general comments about exit fees in the industry and our offer to you has – Zero Exit Fees where you own your home 100%.
  2. We believe that enhancing our environment and sustainable use of our resources is the right thing to do – hence our renewable energy micro grid, our use of recycled water, our waste recycling and our organic produce gardens – good for you and better for the environment and all at a Lower Living Costs.
  3. To stay healthy and connected is fundamental hence we encourage your active participation in the gym and pool, our local sporting and community interest groups, a relaxing stroll on our open walk trails with affordable Internet access throughout the Village which will keep you in touch with the world of entertainment and your friends for much less than you’d think.
  4. We understand that any lifestyle decision is a choice and it’s important to evaluate the upsides and downsides so check out our Eco Advantages to learn more about the amazing Lifestyle benefits available to you and give us a call today.

Our Eco Advantages summarise the key benefits for you in our Northam Eco Lifestyle Village.

stage 1 masterplan - northam eco lifestyle village
open wire and post fence

The combination of open corridors preserving the natural rock ridges and significant trees with green productive landscapes fed from local, non-potable water sources, and with its own solar and battery micro-grid; provides a unique setting where many of the homes have direct access to the open space and magnificent views.

Homesites are on a long term lease model and will average 50% larger than traditional lifestyle village sites. These sites will predominantly remain in their natural condition minimising the impact of the built form. Fencing will be rural style with open wire and post.

Your security is also very important to us.  Front gate access will be able to be viewed from your own home and Village management will take due care to install security equipment as deemed necessary for the benefit of the Village community.

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Intertwined between the homes in each Stage, will be a green corridor, landscaped from our recycled water which means that the majority of sites will have magnificent outlooks and close connection with walk and exercise trails. This will encourage social interaction, your wellbeing and enable excellent permeability throughout the Village.